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What Our Clients Have to Say

We at North Seattle Law Group, PLLC pride ourselves in partnering with our clients and never presume that we know more than our clients' current situation. Our schedule reflects the realities of real life, understanding that legal issues are immediate whereas paychecks and income are not. Read the testimonials from some of our clients.

In 2014, I was T-boned by a driver running a red light. When my insurance company denied full coverage of my medical claims, a trusted friend recommended that I contact D. Michael Tomkins and North Seattle Law Group. I am so thankful that I did, because they were truly advocates who were pulling for me all the way. They knew how to negotiate with the insurance companies and they knew how to obtain the right settlement in my situation. I am very pleased with the professional expertise and attention that their team applied to my accident, and would recommend them highly to anyone who has been the innocent injured party in a road accident. I will not hesitate to call them again if necessary, and I would tell anyone in a similar situation not to wait, but to give them a call immediately.

– Kate Pappas of Seattle, WA

I was in a terrible accident and I had serious injuries to my head and back. I was sure my insurance company would take care of me as it promised. But, it didn’t. Desperate, I called North Seattle Law Group. Mike Tomkins saw me almost immediately. He got on the phone to the insurance company and got me the money I needed to start treatment right away. Mike kept on it until I got all the money I was entitled to. And, on top of that, he found me the right doctors and now I am back at work. I could not have done it without North Seattle Law Group. Experience does matter.

– David Remer of Seattle, WA

I was injured in an auto accident and found Michael Tomkins and North Seattle Law Group on the web. I called him and he got me in the office right away. But, what really impressed me, and still does, is that he talked to me like a real person, explaining the ins and outs of the legal system as it applied to my case. He explained everything in plain language and made sure I understood it all. And yes, he got me a fair settlement that covered my medical bills, my lost wages, and my pain and suffering.

– Tom Shanks of Seattle, WA

I was in the middle of a terrible divorce that had dragged on for two years and was draining me of money and self-respect. Even my children disrespected me to my face. I tried other attorneys, but they treated this as an ordinary business deal, not a personal crisis. Attorney Michael Tomkins and his team of competent attorneys understood what I was going through, pressed the pedal to the metal and got the divorce done in 90 days. I regained my self-respect and was able to move on. Now, I am in a fulfilling new relationship with a wonderful woman.

– John Stevens of Kent, WA

I was severely injured in a car accident when a brand new 18-year-old driver ran through a stop sign and hit me on the driver’s side. I was lucky that I did not die as a result. I filed a claim against the young man’s insurance company, but I was given the runaround. A friend told me to contact Michael Tomkins at North Seattle Law Group for help. I spoke to Mr. Tomkins and he walked me through the process. He told me he would do everything and all I needed to do was attend my appointments and get better. Mr. Tomkins and his legal team took care of me and got me the money I deserved, which was a lot more than what the insurance company offered to pay me. I will not hesitate to hire them again in the event I need a fighter on my side.

– Levi Rowse of Seattle, WA

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